Webmail Bluehost

Webmail Bluehost is the email services offered by Bluehost Inc., founded in 2003 in Orem, Utah. Bluehost provides webhosting solutions with comprehensive tools throughout the world to its users. the users can get the Bluehost web service packages from anywhere with Internet connection.

Bluehost’s Webmail is easy and simple to access from anywhere, sending and receiving emails from the browser makes it simple for the users. For  Examples Squirrel Mail and Horde or Round cube services can be access by the user from anywhere through the link bluehost.com/webmail.

Below are some useful features of Bluehost webmail for the users:

  • The user need not setup and it is simple.
  • Can be accessed from anywhere and its portable in nature.
  • No need to install any software on your computer, you can access anywhere on any device.
  • Emails are stored online , there is no requirement of space for storing emails
  • Accessible offline.
  • multiple email addresses can be accessed in one interface.
  • Back up emails and store it.
  • Advanced filters such as words, senders, subjects, headers, etc.
  • immediate notifications on devices.

Webmail Client Comparison

Bluehost Webmail offers three variety of webmail accounts to it users. Each webmail accounts have separate characteristics. The following are the three services :

  • This is a simple email system with user-friendly features and interfaces. Allows customization as per the requirements. But it doesn’t have the features those Horde and Roundcube offers.
  • Thisis most used webmail client  from Bluehost services, It provides all the email application inside a web browser. The users can import the contacts and use IMAP folders with drag-and-drop organization It also provides spell check options when composing the emails and saves the user time and write with spell check in a rich text html composer.
  • This is a combination of webmail with online apps which are useful in webmail like calender,tasks,notes etc. But these have certain limitations.

Support with IMAP and POP

The Bluehost webmail supports with both IMAP and POP for accessing the emails of the mobile devices.

  • IMAP: This is used when you want to access mails from multiple devices such as desktop, mobile or tablet.
  • This is used for setting email access on only one device.

Access to Webmail Bluehost:

After the user created his webmail account with Bluehost, the user has no need to setup any software and it is online by just login to his email account and enjoy the services.

Below is the process of login to webmail Bluehost:

Process 1:

  1. Type the link com/webmail in your browser and enter.
  2. The Login page will be displayed , choose “Webmail Login”,
  3. Enter the email address and account password, then click on “Login”.

Password Reset for Webmail Bluehost account:

The users of the Bluehost webmail can easily change the password with easy and simple steps. In case if the user knows the password and want to change for security purpose he can do it by using the webmail. If the user accidentally forgot his email account password, he can reset the new password using  cPanel.

Change Password through Webmail

  1. Type the link bluehost.com/webmail in your browser and enter.
  2. Click the Change Password icon.

  1. Enter the password in the New PasswordBox provided

  1. Re-enter the password.
  2. Click on the Change Password
  3. You will get confirmation of successful change of password.

Contact :

Bluehost webmail provides 24/7 customer support for all the queries related to Webmail and general queries. The users can call on  this number844-460-5814 to resolve any technical issues related to webmail