Webmail BU

Webmail BU is a centralized way to access your BU google mail  or exchange mail accounts for the  students and Employees  of the Boston University. BU webmail is supported by Google Mail by Google Inc. with all the features known as G Suite for Education, these services are accessed by any location by the student.Also has collaboration with Microsoft Exchange (Office 365) for Faculties and Staff who are onboard for Boston University.

BU Google Mail (Gmail)

BU GMail is similar to the regular Gmail which is available commercially and has the same features, only difference is it can be accessed through BU login name and Kerberos password. It is most common with all the BU online services. BU Webmail is accessible across all the devices whether it is a desktop or laptop or mobile and tablets through bu.edu/webmail or bu.edu/google.Webmail interface is similar to the other Gmail  accounts privately used  to eliminate the training for the use of email accounts.

Features of Webmail BU for Google Mail:

  • Unlimited mailbox storage.
  • Easy Interface for accessing  BU email through IMAP from desktop or mobile.
  • Use of  BU email address even after the graduation and leaving the University.
  • Integration of email system with BU Google Apps and Google Groups.

Requirements for Accessing BU Webmail:

  • One must have a BU ID number.
  • Need to have current affiliation with the Boston University, determined by the Registrar and HR for the active students, alumni, or retired.
  • People outside BU can have the email with the sponsor guest account by completing the request by the sponsor for Guest account request form at bu.edu/help/tech/accounts.
  • If any departments seeks email services separately they can apply for the same by submitting through its representatives through bu.edu/help/tech/accounts.


Login to Webmail BU (Google Mail)

After  you created the account with BU webmail, you can log in and start  using BU Google Mail by typing the link www.bu.edu/webmail or www.bu.edu/google, apart from desktop you can also access the webmail BU through mobile devicesl via IMAP.

1) Enter your BU ID Number in the field

2) Enter the password for the account

3) Click on “Continue” to Login

Webmail BU for Office 365 Outlook (Exchange)

Webmail BU also featured with Exchange email accounts separately for the faculties and student employees who are onboard. Office 365 provides secure  Access and many other application tools from www.bu.edu/webmail,they can also access from any location with desktop or mobile devices.

Features of Webmail BU for Office 365 Outlook

  • Storage Space – By default every email accounts on Office 365 will get 50GB.
  • Email – The user can read, write and compose mail with Outlookor other supported desktops and mobile devices with Outlook Web Access.
  • Calendaring – You can create calendar and schedule tasks. Fix appointments and manage your meetings.
  • Mailing lists – The user can create Public and private mailing list of his own.
  • Address books – Contacts management with centralized address book.
  • Synchronization – Syncing mails, contacts and calendars between your desktops and mobile devices.
  • Retention – Trash folder is active and store deleted messages for 14 days maximum and  Junk folder will automatically deleted for every 30 days.

Requirements for Accessing Webmail BU on Office 365

Login to Office 365 Outlook (Exchange)



Reset Password for Webmail BU:

Webmail BU provide easy and simple steps to reset the email account passwords for the user, below are the steps to recover passwords:

  1. Visit www.bu.edu/kerberos, enter the Kerberos old password, and then enter the new password.
  2. The user has to enter the old password correctly to change the password ,in case the user do not remember the old password, click on the “Forgot Password”.
  3. In the field provided ,enter last name and BU login name and then click on “Forgot Password” Button.
  4. Type the BU login name in the field provided and choose a new Kerberos password, then click on “Continue”.
  5. After typing the new password, enter again the new password for the confirmation keeping the identity of importance of safeguarding your login.


6.You will be notified after successful password reset, in the next screen you will be confirmed by showing your BU ID  identity.



Support Center:

Boston University provides dedicated IT support centre to handle the queries related to webmail of students and Faculties and Employees. The below are the details for support on Webmail BU for the full service location.

Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 7 pm

Friday:9 am – 6 pm

Saturday – Sunday:Closed