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Godaddy Webmail means send and receive emails from web browser instead of client. In general, all emails sent will be stored in service providers servers and delivered it to the user, but in case of webmail the user directly get the emails from the recipient. This server is where email is collected and stored, until you delete it. You only need internet connection to login to the webmail and access the emails and you are directly receiving emails from the provider’s server.

Godaddy Webmail services provides easy and secure access of emails for the GoDaddy subscribers and clients. GoDaddy provides excellent, easy and reliable services to its customers. In addition they guarantee 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support. In addition.

Below are the features of Godaddy Webmail Services

Features that keep you productive

  • GoDaddy features read write and send emails from anywhere through any platform of your business email plans and it works flawlessly from any web browser, smartphones, and tablets. In addition, it will support email software such as Mac Mail or Outlook.
  • When you want to delete email after reading, you have to delete from all the devices you are accessing. However, with GoDaddy’s webmail if you delete mail at one place it will be deleted from all the devices your using.
  • With spam and anti-virus filters block all the unwanted and spam messages every day and ensures safety and security.
  • GoDaddy provides 10GB storage space for storing emails, now you do not need to delete emails.
  • GoDaddy acts as your personal IT administrator you need to know about SMTP relays or MX records to create an email account. It will provide expert service 24/7.
  • The IMAP email synchronizes between all your devices, from mobile to desktop.
  • The Webmail is compatible with Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird and other clients.

 GoDaddy provides dedicated customer service team for handling any issues regarding emails, the users can talk directly about their problems 24/7/365.

When you have purchased hosting services from go daddy and created a website. The user might struggle accessing mails from the webmail. GoDaddy’s features are complex for the first time users on how to understand the features and manage the emails. Here we explain how to access godaddy webmail’s through different platforms

Access through Web Browser

You have to login first to access Godaddy’s webmail from Website.

  • Click on Email Management button from the screen,
  • Check for the email address.
  • You can see the button “ Webmail”
  • Click on the “Webmail” button, it will be redirected to webmail.
  • GoDaddy actually provides separate section for webmail, the user do not need to login from main site, they can start accessing by opening your web browser.
  • Click on the link https://email.godaddy.com/and log in.
  • The Webmail godaddy can be accessed through Internet Explorer, Fire Fox and Google Chrome.

Via A Smartphone

In the recent past, GoDaddy also offered email access through mobile device for both android and iOS, which are lets you access webmail from your mobile. However, they have stopped these services and replaced with the optimized site for the mobile user.

The user can directly access the sites, which allows login from webmail page, entering “mobile mail” before the site name. For example, enter “mobilemail.YOURSITENAME.com”. Mobile mail is customized for smartphones that offers easy and effortless interface than compared to full webmail.

Via An Alternative Email Program

Another option is available with GoDaddy’s webmail is to merge your existing email to GoDaddy webmail. You need to change couple of settings to merge the mails. Just add the incoming server with address“pop.secureserver.net” on port 110 (or “imap.secureserver.net” on port 143 for IMAP). After that you need to configure outgoing server wit “smtpout.secureserver.net” and it uses port 80.

Log in to webmail account

Use the below steps to log in to you Workspace Email account.

Accessing webmail accounts with domain name

To access Workspace Email accounts, you can click the link email.secureserver.net. However, you can also check your email at http://email.[your domain name].

After you enter the domain, name and Workspace email.


Reset your email password

It is quite possible that the user sometimes forget their passwords accidentally or want to change it for security purpose. Godaddy’s Webmail allows easy steps for changing the password. The Workspace account administrator will have control of all the GoDaddy account; he has the permissions to reset the passwords of all emails of the users.

  • Log in to GoDaddy account with Workspace Account administrator credentials.
  • Click on email address for you want to reset password, In Change passwordfield, type the new password.
  • Enter your new password in the Confirm Passwordfield and click on save button.

Note: It takes 30 minutes to reset password take effect, after 30 minutes you can try logging in with the new password.