Webmail Rackspace

Webmail Rackspace is email hosting service provided by  Rackspace US Inc. for small business in United States. Rackspace Inc. is a  provider of managed  cloud services for the organizations and managed services of applications to enable digitalization. It was founded by Richard Yoo in 1996 earlier with the name Cymatia Network  Systems based at San Antonio,Texas,started with small investment as  internet service provider to the public in United States. The company has started the email hosting services in 2001 with private collaboration with webmail. us, afterwards the webmail. us was acquired by Rackspace completely in 2007. The Rackspace mail and applications division separately known as Rackspace Cloud Office.

Rackspace Webmail /Email:

Every business requires email system to communicate various business information and data and it needs access from various locations and times. Rackspace email provides paid email hosting services for small businesses with their own domain name, using the IMAP the business can access the email services on any devices like desktop, mobile or Tablet. Rackspace Email allows users to check and manage business emails online through it’s webmail interface with no additional software. Generally email Messages are stored in email server of the providers and retrieved afterwards. But in case of Rackspace webmail provides direct retrieval of sent and received mails.

Standard Features of Rackspace Email

Collaboration Apps: Rackspace Email

Apart from the standard email features Rackspace Webmail also equipped with  powerful messaging applications that collaborates and communicates business communications effectively.

  • Web-based access from any device from anywhere.
  • Advanced message filters.
  • Password reset through SMS.
  • Enables to attach files from Drop box.
  • Shared calendars
  • Instant Messaging Service (chat service)
  • Out of office auto-responder
  • Tasks and notes
  • Email “undelete”
  • Company Directroy.
  • Multiple identities and signatures


Rackspace Email Plus

Rackspace Email Plus is another premium paid service with Cloud Drive in which user can access store and sync all data and share files with cloud based apps from any device.

Below are the features of Rackspace Email Plus :

  • Active Sync is a Synchronization features allows to sync Contacts and Calendars on mobile for both iOSand Android
  • File storage capacity of 30 GB.
  • Windowsand Mac file Synchronization for desktops.
  • Online document and spreadsheet editors.
  • File sharing and editing.


Log in to Rackspace webmail:

It is easy and simple logging in to the Rackspace Email services, below is the process to login to the email service:

To log in to webmail, go to https://apps.rackspace.com/.

  • Enter the email address in the space provided
  • enter the email account password
  • Click on Login

Rackspace email provides  the following options:

  • Remember this info– To  remember your login information every time you login in to the email ,select this checkbox.
  • Use SSL– SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which means when you log in, your data is encrypted. Click on the checkbox to enable SSL.


Change a Rackspace Email mailbox password

It is common that every user may forgot the passwords accidentally. Reset the Rackspace email password is easy whether it is frequent change of password for security reasons or if the user forgot his email account password.

Below are the steps to reset or recover the password to access a Rackspace Email mailbox. For users through Webmail, and for administrators  through  Cloud Office Control Panel.

Reset password through webmail

1) Log in to email account with apps.rackspace.com from any browser:

Note: Generally your password will be remembered if you select the checkbox “Remember this info”. If not you have to enter the password manually. In case you forgot the password check ” Rackspace Email password recovery FAQ”.

2) From the menu click on ” Settings” from the upper right corner.

3) From the menu Settings, click on “Change Password”.

In the next screen input the following information:

  • Current Password:Type the current password which you are using to access mailbox.
  • New Password:Type the new password that you want to change.
  • Confirm Password:Re enter the new password.


Reset password for administrators through Cloud Office Control Panel:

  1. To reset user has to log  Control Panel section Cloud Office.
  2. Click on Mailboxes from  Rackspace Email.
  3. In the mailbox list, click the mailbox name for which you want to change the password.

  1. Click  on the button “RESET PASSWORD” below the email address.
    1. In the next screen a box will appear to enter the New Password two times to Confirm Password.


Webmail Support for Rackspace Email:


Rackspace provides dedicated customer support for all webmail related queries by the customers. Please find below the various options provided according the needs of the users.

For any queries related to System Status:


For Queries on Documentation Support:


For Queries on Email Setup Wizard and Help Center:


To call Toll Free Number for any help:

US: 1-800-961-4454