Webmail Shaw

Shaw Webmail by Shaw Communications Inc.  offers direct access to the email to the customers and business partners without having to download or install anything on your desktop, tablet, or phone. The users can access emails directly from the browser through webmail.shaw.ca.

Shaw communications founded in 1966 by JR Shaw, initially the company was registered by name Capital Cable Television. In 1971, the company was renamed as Shaw Communications under the leadership of JR Shaw. The company has grown as Canada’s leading Network Company by delivering highest standard services to its consumers and business partners and content products.

Shaw Communications Inc. with total 3.2 million existing customers, in those 1.9 million subscribers only for the Internet services users and more than 1.2 million Shaw Home Phone customers. Apart from Internet services Shaw expanded its business to different other products and services. Below are the other businesses described of Shaw Communications Inc.


  • Shaw Broadcast Services: Provides satellite based services to broadcast-distribution undertakings.
  • Shaw Business: Operates a national fibre optic backbone network, providing data networking, video, voice and internet services to companies of all sizes
  • Shaw Direct: leading provider of digital Direct to home satellite TV in Canada.
  • Shaw Tracking: Provides services related to Canadian Transportation, mobile applications and logistics. Offers integrated on-boarding computing technology and wireless data solutions.

Shaw Webmail

Shaw Webmail allows you to access emails from any location through Internet connection. You can send and receive mails and store messages, Contacts and addresses. With its easy to use interface, you can complete tasks faster.

Features of Shaw Webmail:

  • 1 GB of email storage space per email account
  • Fully featured Spam Filter
  • Send emails of up to 20 MB in file size
  • Spell check
  • Clean, updated interface with a quota bar to alert your when inbox is full
  • Folder tree to manage multiple folders
  • 2000 address book entries
  • Group your email contacts
  • Ability to import and export entries to your email program
  • Multiple font choices
  • Quick ‘contact add’
  • New and improved features to change Spam Filter settings
  • Report spam features that alert our spam monitoring system

Webmail Shaw Setup

Setting up webmail is easy. As the user needs to enter email address and password only for webmail.

Shaw Internet plans gives by default 10 email addresses to the user. Go to the Internet section of My Account and scroll down to @Shaw Email Accounts you can see the number of email accounts provided for the account.

The customer will get the following for the email address attached with the Shaw Webmail:

  • Email storage capacity of 1GB.
  • 20 MB file size for sending emails.
  • Can Store 2,000 contacts.

Using My Shaw you can create new @shaw.ca email account:

After registering on My Shaw and have successfully logged into your account, you may create a new Shaw email account with the below steps:

  1. Click on Menu Item “Internet “on the left screen

  1. You will find @Shaw Email Accounts section after scrolling down.
  2. Click on Create Email Address, you are allowed to create up to 10 emails addresses.
  3. It will display “Manage your @shaw.ca email accounts here” section,

Input the below details in the fields provided:

  1. First name of the Customer
  2. Last name of the Customer

The Usernames entered should start with a letter. No symbols are numbers are allowed as first character.

  • Minimum of three characters are required.
  • These characters are not accepted by the server in the username / \ & ‘“? | , +
  1. Enter your password of choice.

Check the requirements by clicking the link: Password Requirements for My Shaw and @shaw.ca Email Accounts

  1. Enter your password again for verification.
  1. Click on


If the entered username is available with the server, you will be notified that “Your new email address is created.” Visit wm.shaw.ca to access your @shaw.ca e-mail account in order to send and receive messages.

Shaw – Changing email password

The users have to register themselves in My Shaw, to do that please follow the below steps: From the Shaw Account Settings (My Shaw)

Please check below on how to update your password.

1) Sign into My Shaw.

2) Click Internet from the left menu.

3) Scroll down to the @Shaw Email Accounts section.

4) Click on Change Password button next to your email account.

  1. Enter your new password in the field. Re-enter the password for confirmation.

6) Click Update Email to save your new password.

You will are notified that “password has now been successfully changed”; remember this password for the future logins. This password can be used to login from desktop, mobile and any other devices.


Shaw Webmail Contact support:

Shaw Webmail provides faster and quality support team to handle Customers and Business partners queries. You can click the below link to interact with dedicated customer support team for any webmail related queries: https://www.shaw.ca/contact-us/