Webmail Towson University

Webmail Towson is the email system provided by Towson University for the students, faculties and employees. Towson University is the 12 th largest public university in United States and 2nd in the University System of Maryland. Towson is spread in to 329 acres of Suburban campus, located in the north of Baltimore and very near to Washington D.C. Apart from main campus, it also has five off campus locations throughout state.

Towson University offers a wide variety of  academic courses and  research programs. They have excellent faculties for all academics. Each student get personal attention and its research based programs gives students all round academic experience. Towson University  is also a founding member of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities. with its partnerships with public and private organizations provide unique opportunities for research, internships and jobs.

Webmail Towson: Powered by Google

Towson University Students, Alumni and Employees can get the email accounts through Towson’s webmail powered by Google. It provides Google hosted email accounts for accessing email accounts.

The following are the features of the Towson’s Webmail  to the users :

  • Unlimited Storage of emails by Google mail.
  • Unlimited Google Drive space for storage.
  • IMAP/POP support.
  • Featured Web calendar.
  • Unlimited Contacts.
  • Task management.

Webmail Towson : Offered Services by Gmail.

With the partnership with the Google by Towson University, It provides various services for the users for their access, below are the Help Pages by Google.





  • Managing calenders


  • Task management and To/Do list in gmail.


  • Mail forwarding to other accounts using TU webmail.
  • Labs



The Towson’s Webmail can also be accessed on mobile(smart phones). TU Webmail allows Gmail using IMAP and POP3  with the student’s Exchange Accounts.


Student NetIDs & Email

Towson’s Internal system for the technical services is called OTS (Office of Technology Services). It maintains the email accounts and free computing for the students and Faculties. They will create unique identity for each students called as NetIDs,. OTS manages the services to the accounts provided to students and incase of difficulties they can contact support team through phone, email, or meet in person they can also use self-help tools.

NetID is unique ID given to  each student at Towson University. The student will get the NetID automatically after admission to Towson’s University. It consists of a username, email address, a password, and a set of computing services to which the NetID provides access including:

  • Webmail access
  • Student chat services
  • Video conference
  • File storage space online
  • Web publishing.
  • Wireless access services.

OTS provides several self help tools for the first time users on how to activate the NetID, review basic information of NetID and reset password options. The students have to follow the guidelines set by University.

It helps in activating the NetID with basic details and  choosing security question and answer for the first time of setting password or reset of password  incase the user forgot the password.You will get basic information after you set the password.

Accessing Email

The students / Employees of Towson University  can access the Google-hosted email accounts with their NetID after activating the same. The can visit OTS Webmail page for more details.

To access the TU Webmail :

  1. Click on the link or type in your browser towson.edu
  2. Enter your NetID and password, and log in.


Reset Password for Web mail Towson:

All the students and employees must hold NetID password to access various services of Towson’s Information, and if forgotten it is difficult for them to access. Below is the process for resetting the Towson’s Webmail passwords.

  •  Users have to set the security question and answer to reset the password previously set and it is used for accessing all the services of  Towson with the same NetIDs for log in.
  • The user must reset the old Passwords every year.
  • OTS will send messages on password expiry automatically to the email ids.It is advised that the user should not share the NetID and password to the outsiders and any OTS staff  will never ask for students NetID and password.

To set the Security Questions and answers, the user has to click on the  “Forgot Password” on the  Towson Webmail login page, the below screen will appear:

  • Enter the Security questions and  answers
  • In the next screen, It will ask your NetID and last 4 digits of Social security number to Identify your authentication.

  • Enter the information and click on “Next” button.
  • In the next screen you can enter the New Password two times and click on “Reset”. The new password takes 5 minutes to take the effect.

What will happen to NetIDs after student leaves the University?

After the students complete their graduation or any other academic courses the NetIDs will be disabled after 18 months. An email will be sent to the students one month prior to the NetID being disabled. It will notify to archive or download any important information of their account.

Towson’s webmail recommends that any student leaving the university or stop enrolling the courses should inform outsiders not to send any emails to the Towson webmail accounts and they can give their personal email accounts after leaving the university.

If case the student rejoins the university for any other courses or research programs, they can use the same NetID for accessing email and other services by resetting the password.